• Hospitality

  • Hospitality

    • Restaurant

      The unique Indian and Nepali specialty dining restaurant, Namaste Nippon offers a broad range of services that focus on bringing about measurable improvements in the general health of businesses.

      With objective of the Cultural Exchange and for the people of the Indian sub continent as well as Indian food lover, we realize a need of truly authentic Indian and Nepali cuisine.

      Complying with its ideology, the company has a unique range of Authentic Indian food including Indian Spices, Wines, etc. Lately it has added a whole new range of new products originating especially from south asia.

      Indian Cooking has evolved immensely over the ages. The cuisine of this culture is believed to be as old as time itself. The different styles and flavors can be attributed to the many different influences brought into the country by the various rulers and travelers. What is so incredibly genuine, though, is the fact that the cultural cuisine has not lost its original identity, instead it has become richer with the assimilation of the vastly different influences.

      The Nepali influence the fusion of Asian and Indian style of food. It offers an incredibly vast menu to customers that is easy to decipher and helpful in terms of what the food is made of.

      We have one of the most extensive menus representing many regions of Indian sub continent cuisine. From the Northern dishes like Butter Chicken one of our most popular dishes and from the South, Dosai. All our dishes made to very authentic recipes. Our consistency to quality and service has made us one of the best restaurants.

      Functions and Parties:

      Consider our upstairs function facilities. For starters, consider a backdrop of the city skyline while your friends sip pre-dinner drinks on our balcony. Then, as the Indian cuisine’s tantalising aromas beckon you inside, sit back and dine in an atmosphere of style and ambience.

      We take pride in our healthy, home style regional cuisine and daily farmers market vegetable specials. Perennial customer favorites include our flavorful chicken tikka and tandoori salmon.

      Come and enjoy the warm and welcoming ambience of our dining room or relax on a warm summer evening in our garden patio under a bougainvillea canopy.

      The secret to great Indian cuisine is the use of its countless aromatic spices which can be roasted, ground or used as whole. Since the role of the spices is to enhance the other ingredients in the dish, it is essential to find the correct spice blend.

      We hope you will treasure our cuisine just as we have treasured our recipes.

    • Travel

      Namaste Nippon offers valuable top of the line services and travel arrangements for its clients.

      As experts in the travel industry, we are here to assist you in choosing a destination that suites your interest and style. We provide consulting along with custom travel arrangements and packages. Whether it's for an individual booking or group travel.

      Group Travel Ideas:

      • Family Reunions
      • Senior Retreats
      • Girlfriend Group Travel
      • Class Reunion Travel
      • Church Group Travel

      Our mission is to ensure personalized travel plans for each client.


      • Single Booking
      • Family & Group Travel
      • Destination Weddings & Honeymoon
  • Business Consulting

  • Business Consultancy

    • Branding, Communication & Advertising

      Namaste Nippon offers solution to improve sales and marketing to reaching out to target market efficiently. The marketing activities are formulated considering conventional marketing tools to reach the business objectives of the company. It is important for a company to have a well formulated sales and marketing plan followed by efficient implementation. The primary role as marketing consultant is to aimed at developing the marketing approach to generate leads from the online and offline marketing activities.

      • Formulating Marketing Strategies

        Namaste Nippon develops marketing strategy to identify and reach out to the markets in an efficient, innovative, integrated marketing on positioning, pricing, USP and many more.

      • Restructuring and Optimizing

        Choosing between sales and marketing options over changing business environment. It is necessary to optimize the activity and utilize the resources cost effectively. Namaste Nippon restructures marketing approach using best practiced activity and tool for a result oriented response.

      • Sales and Distribution Management

        A strong sales and distribution network, channel partners, resellers for a product ensure the product is available to a customer on demand. The services offered are to ensure the right channels of distribution for the products to the target market.

    • Sales and Marketing Consulting

      • Branding

        A identity or recognition derived over a period of time through characteristics of the product and the advertising & promotional efforts made to build the brand. Defined by the quality of the product, utility of the product, the potential the product has in the market. Namaste Nippon develops quality products and brands along with advertising concepts and brand communication.

      • Online Marketing

        Online marketing carries the benefits of reaching out new regions, cost effectiveness, ease of international reach, ability to provide information round the clock and many more. Namaste Nippon provides comprehensive online marketing plan and strategies helping companies develop a strong platform to market its products & services.

  • Information Technology

  • Information Technology

    • Software Development

      How we do itWe streamline your business operations seamlessly through the use of web-based applications. Every solution we construct is backed by innovative thinking, business alignment, and performance power ensuring optimum results. All our solutions are cross-browser tested and 508 compliant. Standard set of procedures we follow include:

      • Gathering requirements
      • Analyzing requirements
      • Propose a solution approach
      • Architect a framework
      • Developmental Phase
      • Unit Testing/System Testing
      • Deploying Solution
      • Supporting and Maintenance

      Where we do itImergic offers offshore and onshore software development. All of our Analysis and Consultancy is done onshore while our development is performed offshore. Benefits off offshore developments include:

      • Cost Savings
      • Reliability
      • Flexibility
      • Expertise

      Few common applications we develop

      • Customer Relation Management (CRM)
      • Content Management Systems (CMS)
      • Document Management Solutions
      • Image Library Solutions
      • Enterprise Application Integration
      • Workflow Modules
      • Collaboration

      Technologies we use

      • Programming languages: C#.Net, ASP, PHP, Java, Ruby, including Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion, Action Script
      • Technologies: ASP.NET, J2EE, ActiveX, AJAX, Flash, Ruby
      • Databases: MS SQL Server 2003 & 2005, MySQL, Oracle, DB2
      • Platforms: Windows & Linux
    • Corporate Web Presence

      Imergic produced websites are fast, usable, accessible, well-designed and search engine optimized. When needed, we also assist you to identify your business, your goals, your niche and most importantly your audience as we create the best-in-class web presence for your organization. All our websites are easily located by search engines.

      Like the traditional software development, the process of web site development is also divided into different life cycle steps. This can help to format the team effectively, and the standards and procedures can be adopted to achieve maximum quality. Below explains the steps of development which is arranged as a process of website engineering. This is just a guideline to inform you how we at Imergic can build a success web presence for your organization.

      1. Gathering Requirements

        Conduct a discussion to gather requirements and objectives. We are available to meet remotely or in person.
      2. Analysis of the requirements

        Study and analyze the exact requirements. This can be through emails, questionnaires, interactive sessions, etc. Analysis will cover all aspects including the existing web system as well as audience.
      3. Recommendations & Quote

        Document and submit detailed specifications and recommendations along with quote.
      4. Design & Development

        This process includes designing a small prototype or template. Prototype depicts the sites' navigation style, colors and fonts used. Upon submitting the model, we are open to all suggestions from the client. All noted comments and suggestions will be addressed prior to moving onto the development phase. Development phase transforms the detailed design and specification into HTML and other code. Client is also required to submit content written and edited for the site. If the client is unable to provide content, Imergic’s professional writing team will be able to provide you with content at an additional cost.
      5. Testing and Deployment

        This is where we put your website through thorough testing process such as usability, load testing, cross-browser compatibility. We also validation your pages through w3c consortium. The finished product is then deployed.
      6. Marketing and Promotions

        During the Marketing process we will prepare pages for search engine optimization, which will make your site searchable on the web.
      7. Maintenance

        Maintenance phase is an ongoing process; it includes frequent updates and bug fixes to the site as necessary.
    • IT Consulting

      Our consulting team at Imergic is specialized in taking time to understand your strengths, business challenges and opportunities to define your technology requirements prior to the actual consulting phase. By taking this approach we can deliver to you the precise solution that will help your organization function in the most cost-effective manner, with short term and long term benefits.

      Working in partnership with our clients, we aim to provide a fast return on IT investment. With minimum risk and 100% client satisfaction, we enable our clients to concentrate on their core business activities.